February 1937 – Farm Radio’s Window on the World

Schulstadt Boys Listening to the Radio, Aberdeen, South Dakota

Schulstadt Boys Listening to the Radio, Aberdeen, South Dakota, 1940
(Photo Credit A.)

In the 1930’s, radios and radio broadcasts were becoming increasingly available to rural families, bringing a new audio window into the broader nation and world. Radio provided useful weather and market reports and USDA-produced agricultural programs such as the noon-hour National Farm and Home Hour, but national entertainment programs were also very popular among rural listeners.[1]

Here’s a taste of some of the national programs the rural listener might have picked up 75 years ago, in February, 1937.

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Introducing Prairie Yesteryear

Prairie Yesteryear features commentary and research which I and my mother have collected on bits of history, typically relating to life in the rural Midwest or the lives and paths of our ancestors.

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