Laura Ingalls Wilder Missouri Ruralist Article Archive

Update, 2/24/14:
Unfortunately, the resource reviewed here has been taken offline, along with the rest of Nancy (Nansie) Cleaveland’s Laura Ingalls Wilder resources at She says she had to take down the site due to plagiarism issues with her primary research, but that she may consider returning the Ruralist articles in the future.–D

Article by Mrs A J Wilder in the Missouri Ruralist 20 Jun 1914

Article by Mrs. A. J. (Laura Ingalls) Wilder on the front page of the Missouri Ruralist, 20 Jun 1914. (Edit from Public Domain image courtesy of N. Cleaveland,

Laura Ingalls Wilder researcher Nancy Cleaveland ( has compiled Mrs. Wilder’s Missouri Ruralist articles (1911-1931), all of which are in the public domain and archived free at her website, in both article image and text transcription formats.

Typically written for an audience of her farmwomen contemporaries, the article titles suggest a wealth of commentary reflecting the theme that I love most about Mrs. Wilder’s famous Little House books: a steadfast attitude of optimism and appreciation wherever one finds oneself–a can-do determination to make the best of things.

Some articles are more practical in intent, such as “Economy in Egg Production, or “So We Moved the Spring: How Running Water Was Provided in the Rocky Ridge Farm Home.” In “Shorter Hours for Women,” (a front-page article, which also names Mrs. Wilder as the editor of the homemaker’s section) she discusses how some modern conveniences and other arrangements can make it easier for farm women to accomplish their many tasks. However, the majority of her titles seem to clearly promote an optimistic attitude in one’s rural days and work:

Thanks to these text transcriptions and the magic of text-to-speech technology, I’m looking forward to listening to Mrs. Wilder’s articles–and encouragement–as I do my kitchen work. It’s one of my own methods of keeping up work in good spirits. I think Mrs. Wilder would approve.

Also of interest on another page, Ms. Cleaveland has provided a copy of an earlier, 15 Sept 1910 article in the American Food Journal, which incorporates Mrs. Wilder’s assessment of “Poultry Raising as an Occupation for Women.”

–Contributed by D.

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3 Responses to Laura Ingalls Wilder Missouri Ruralist Article Archive

  1. Ian Feavearyear says:

    The Missouri Ruralist articles are now up on, in the ‘M’ section, available as watermarked images.

    • Thank you so much. I apologize; I missed your comment somehow until now and really appreciate the update. Unfortunately, I currently find that is by login access only. I cannot find that the Missouri Ruralist articles are currently available.

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