About “Prairie Yesteryear”

Prairie Yesteryear features commentary and research which I and my mother have collected on bits of history, typically relating to life in the rural Midwest or the lives and paths of our ancestors. (Posts designated “Contributed by M.” are from Mother, and “Contributed by D.” are from Daughter.)

Our Rural Heritage
We explore the lifestyle of the pioneering and developing farm life, with all its ingenuity, blessings, and trials.

This year (2012) I am starting a series of brief articles for our local living history museum newsletter.  These articles form the starting basis for this blog.

Mother is active in her local Historical Society and has been contributing history-related articles to her local newspaper for some time.

The Paths of Our Ancestors
As with most people doing family history research, we find our grandmother’s grandmothers venturing forth or persevering in interesting places and times.  Sometimes we run across some interesting stories–which may or may not be directly connected to our ancestors.  I hope to share some here.


3 Responses to About “Prairie Yesteryear”

  1. Carolyn says:

    Hello! How may I register in order too log in to read articles? Thank you very much.

    Carolyn in Texas

    • Carolyn, I presume you were trying to get to the Laura Ingalls Wilder Missouri Ruralist articles at pioneergirl.com? Unfortunately, the owner of that site, Nancy (Nansie) Cleaveland, had to shut it down due to misuse of her primary research housed there. She says she has received other requests for access to articles and may consider reopening the site in the coming year.

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