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We do screen all comments, primarily to screen out spam comments (advertisements and self-promotion), as well as to protect private information.  To make sure your comment gets posted publicly, please check the following:

  • Please do not use the real names or initials of the authors in your comments or give other personally identifiable information.  We are not currently sharing our names on the Prairie Yesteryear site. If you would like to refer to us, we go by M. for Mother, D. for daughter.
  • Make sure you sound like a real person with a  comment pertinent to the discussion.  If your comment sounds like something generic generated by a robot and we can’t tell who you are, chances are, we aren’t going to post it.
  • Make sure you don’t sound like an advertisement or blatant self-promoter.  We get comments from people merely trying to gain exposure to their business or site, rather then really being interested in the conversation.


2 Responses to Our Comment Policy

  1. Rebecca says:

    When I try to click on one of the links it asks me to log in, I don’t have info to do this.
    But would like to see some of these, like the articles by Laura Wilder

    • Rebecca, the links are to an external site, pioneergirl.com, owned by Laura Ingalls Wilder researcher Nancy (Nansie) Cleaveland. Unfortunately, Nansie says she had to shut her site down down due to misuse of her primary research housed there. She says she has received other requests for access to articles and may consider reopening the site in the coming year after a related publication is released.

      Thank you for reading and letting me know of the issue. I’ll update my page to reflect that the articles mentioned are not currently available.

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